Story 268a


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30        31              


1. You need to ___ your bags and ___ your car before a trip.
3. You don't need to read a lot of books about how to fish. Experience alone will usually ___.
4. --Thank you for helping me pack. --No problem. Don't even ___ it.
5. We'll go fishing tomorrow, ___ if it looks like rain.
7. In cold weather, a ___ around your neck helps keep you warm.
8. To be sure you have packed everything, check your list ___.
9. Fishing is for everyone, but it seems to be ___ popular with men and boys.
10. When a cold wind starts to blow, you'll want to pull your ___ up onto your head.
12. When it's hot outside, many people wear T-shirts, ___, and flip-flops.
14. You can get to the lake on time if you ___ yourself enough time for traffic and accidents.
16. It's hard to catch a fish if you don't have a fishing ___. Of course, a hook, line, and reel help too. (Don't forget the bait!)
17. A candy bar will give a tired hiker or fisherman an energy ___.
20. When you go fishing, put all your trash in containers. The lake cannot clean ___ up. It needs your help.
21. A fisherman is a jerk at one end of the line waiting for a jerk at the other end. (That's a ___!)
27. A ___shirt is a cotton pullover used for exercise, recreation, or casual wear.
28. Occasionally you can catch a ___ fish with just a little bit of bait.
29. If it looks like rain, you should take your umbrella or your ___.
30. It's not going to be cold on the lake. Take just a ___weight jacket with you.
31. Once you've got a fish on your hook, you need to ___ it in.


1. A ___ of fishbones was on each plate after everyone ate the big fish dinner.
2. You should take an umbrella in ___ it rains.
3. Mountains and valleys are famous for their ___ views.
6. In the old days, the fish were always biting. ___, you're lucky if you catch one or two.
7. ___s, such as boat manufacturers, support big fishing tournaments by contributing cash and products.
11. The road up to Big Bear Lake is not straight at all; it is very ___.
13. Some people fish from boats, some from docks, and some from the ___.
15. You should always carry at least one extra pair of ___s when you go hiking. And never wear new shoes on a hiking trip.
18. If you have a lot of fishing gear, you will store it in your garage or in a ___.
19. Just because you live in ___ California doesn't mean that you always have warm weather.
22. ___ is a popular fabric for jeans and jackets.
23. 'What ___ I do?' asked the crossword puzzle writer when he mistakenly used a word that wasn't in the story.
24. When you go fishing, good advice is ___ more than good equipment.
25. Sandals and ___-flops are very popular summertime footwear.
26. If your hands are cold, blow on them, put them in your pockets, or put on some ___s.