Story 260a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
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       9         10      
11      12          13       14   
16        17              
    18            19      
20      21          22        


1. --Do you, John, take this woman Mary to be your lawful wedded ___, until death do you part? --I do.
3. A TV show, 'The Great Race,' offers $1 million as the grand ___ for the couple that circles the globe first.
5. Almost every agency, organization, or corporation has a ___ who delivers news to or answers questions from the media.
7. Just a couple of months ago, ___ in Georgia won $168 million in the Mega Millions lottery. He is now a retired truck driver.
9. California state ___s are so overcrowded that they are sending prisoners to other states.
10. You can't expect to win the Lotto if you buy ___ one ticket a year.
12. ___ on you if you spend bread and milk money on the Lotto.
13. Bob's wife ___ed him to pick up some milk and to buy a couple of Lotto tickets.
16. People sometimes forget to ___ the Lotto numbers against their ticket numbers.
17. They say that life itself is a ___. Sometimes you win a little, but most of the time you lose.
18. People love to go hiking and camping up in the ___s. But they should always bring warm clothes.
21. Theft is another word for grand ___ or petty ___.
23. --Thank you for all your help. --Oh, it was nothing. Don't ___ it.
24. A ___ could put the defendant behind bars for the next 20 years. The jury is still deliberating.
25. America depends on its huge supply of volunteers who ___ their time, effort, and money to help their community and country.


2. If you win a million dollars in the lottery, you will be ___ independent. (If you don't blow it all immediately!)
4. Before you buy a house, make sure that the building inspector climbs up on its ___.
6. Depending on where you live, the federal and state governments might take up to 50 ___ of your lottery winnings.
8. They say that the ___ of winning the Lotto are 42 million to 1. (You have a much better chance of becoming fluent in English!)
11. When you play the Lotto, make sure you write your name and phone number on the back of the ___.
14. In an act of ____, the unemployed man spent his last $100 on 100 lottery tickets.
15. If you itemize your taxes, you can make ___s for business and other expenses so that you will pay less tax.
17. ___ causes people to act stupidly and drive drunk, yet the government does little to control its abuse.
18. A ___ dollars isn't what it used to be, but it will still help you live comfortably for 10 to 20 years.
19. Professional golf tournaments are famous for donating lots of money to one ___ or another.
20. If you want to stop being an alcoholic, first you have to ___ that you ARE an alcoholic.
22. A TV ad makes lots of ___s about its product. These ___s usually look and sound better than they actually are.