Story 252a


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1. If you are married, you can file your income taxes jointly or ___. Either way, the government gets your money.
4. Parents must be careful that their little children don't ___ away from them.
5. If you love candy, a whole bag of it can ___ right before your eyes.
6. Bob took the week off from work because there was a ___ in his family.
7. Rescue teams often have to ___ for hikers who disappear in the mountains.
9. If you over___ your cell phone battery, you will shorten its life.
11. If you are about to ___, yell for help and hope a lifeguard hears you.
12. How do you ___ if someone is Mr. Right or Miss Right? By their looks?
14. The rescuers tried to ___ the victim by performing CPR on him.
16. He used an ___ choice of words on the air, so he lost his radio announcer job.
18. You have voluntary and ___ muscles in your body. ___ muscles control your pupils.
19. "When I was a ___, I used to get 25 cents an hour to watch a neighbor's little kids," Grandpa said.


2. The fire ___ started because a cigarette fell between the sofa cushions.
3. A ___ receives a lot of training to so he can properly treat accident victims.
8. The hit-and-run driver was charged with ___ for killing the jaywalker.
9. If people don't want to answer a question, they might say, "No ___."
10. In southern California, many suburban homes have a swimming ___ in the back yard.
13. If you break up with your ___, don't worry. There are plenty of boys out there to replace him.
15. Hang your clothes up in the ___. Don't throw them on the bed.
17. Put all your ___s into the ___ cabinet. On your computer, put your ___s into a folder.