Story 210a


Complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.
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15         16            
  17      18            19   
20             21        
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1. Accidents often ___ because people are careless and don't pay attention to what they are doing.
3. A photographer, painter, or sculptor will ask a model to ___ for him.
8. 'Phone' is short for 'telephone.' 'Auto' is short for '___.'
10. A car without an ___ is like a watch without a battery. The valves and pistons are part of an ___.
11. 'I asked my girlfriend to marry me, but she ___ed my proposal,' moaned Bob.
13. Don't use a ___ computer on your lap or your lap might get hot from the ___.
15. If you are trying to buy a house and the homeowner doesn't accept your first ___, he will make a counter___.
16. If you're having a party, you will ___ your friends to come to the party.
20. Cops love to stop at the ___ shop for free coffee and ___s.
21. Hang-___s jump off cliffs and soar for hours in the air like eagles.
22. People like to plant ___s and ___bery around their homes.
24. Many chemicals can be ___ous to your health if you are not careful with them. A pothole in the road is a traffic ___.


2. The kitchen ___ is where you put the toaster and the microwave.
3. The mountain climber was trapped in a bad storm. He is in a ___ that he might not be rescued from.
4. A ___herder has a ___dog which knows how to control the ___ so they don't get lost or wander away from the herd.
5. You might hire a ___ to build your home. He might hire several sub___s to work for him.
6. The city ___ is a group of elected residents who make the decisions that affect the city and its residents. The ___ invites the public to speak out at ___ meetings.
7. People often want to live in a nice, quiet, and safe ___. If the ___ is full of crime and industry, people prefer to move as soon as possible.
9. 'We had to ___ the village in order to save it' is military 'logic.' The fire ___ed the entire building.
12. A male ___ is a ram. A young ___ is a kid. ___'s milk is popular in many countries.
14. Sooner or later, your computer will ___, and you will need a new hard drive or a new computer.
17. ___ers love to get on their ___boards and go ___ing in the ocean.
18. Burglars can hide in ___es around your home. Father and son were US Presidents.
19. A carpenter uses a hammer. A painter uses a ___. You ___ your teeth with a tooth___.
20. 'My boyfriend ___ed me,' cried Mary. 'Now he's dating my best friend.' Your garbage ends up in the city ___.
23. If you're at an auction or if you're playing the game of bridge, you ___ or you make a ___.