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1. The Democratic candidate asked for a ___ of the votes, since he had lost the election by only 43 votes.
5. The student ___d at the other student, who had just sneezed loudly without covering his mouth.
6. Both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were famous for their ___y--they never told a lie.
10. It sounded like a gun___, but it was actually her Achilles tendon snapping. (Ouch!)
11. He was a little ___ ___ Italian food, so they decided to go to a Chinese restaurant.
13. "Politicians are full of ___," Joe said. "They promise you the moon, the sun, and the stars."
14. After getting eight pars and a bogey on the front ___, Tiger Woods had six birdies on the ___ ___.
15. Forty golfers were in the tournament; they were grouped into 10 ___s. Each ___ used two electric carts.
16. Students, if I pronounce your name ___, please correct my pronunciation.


2. With black smoke coming from its engine, the plane made an ___ landing on the freeway.
3. The baseball game was finally won in the bottom of the ___ inning, when Babe Ruth hit a home run.
4. is a popular web site for people who are trying to find mates. (Or just dates.)
7. "How would you like a ___ ___?" the thug angrily asked the talkative man. "Shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you."
8. The actress Tina Fey is a dead ___ for the vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin; they could be twins!
9. "Your ringer is too ___," said the teacher. "Please lower the volume or set it on vibrate."
12. The ___ occurred at the intersection of Lake and Green; a drunk driver caused ran a red light.