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1. She wasn't ___ at performing CPR, so the instructor made her practice until she became ___.
5. ___ hunting is popular in the US; the birds are plentiful and tasty. (Rhymes with house.)
6. The actress left her car in the middle of the street; she was arrested for driving under the influence of her prescription ___s.
9. Allowing corporations to continue to run the government will lead to the ___ of the US economy. (Will it rise again?)
12. The investors in the new business ___ hoped that their gamble would pay off.
13. Most of the ___s in the doctor's office waited ___ly, but one im___ ___ kept looking at his watch im___ly.
14. The surgical procedure is ___, but it will be worth the money if it helps you to lose weight permanently.
16. The president, vice president, and Cabinet are all part of the ___ branch of government.
18. If you want to be a ___ entrepreneur, you must have a product or service that customers love.
20. Because of a communication ___, the flower shop delivered a dozen roses to the wrong address.
21. The boxer ___d his opponent; he didn't bother to train for the fight, and his opponent knocked him out in the third round.


2. ___ eye movement (REM) sleep is the time when you are deepest asleep.
3. Laws should be enforced ___, regardless of your race, sex, or religion.
4. The Department of ___ Security's web site says that the threat level for airlines is high.
7. If it ain't ___, don't fix it. --Popular saying.
8. ___ magazine is devoted to people who want to start and run their own businesses.
10. Grandma never tried to get a ___ from grandpa because the Catholic church did not allow ___s. (So she stayed married to him until he died.)
11. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 400 violent ___ members nationwide and deported them.
15. The meeting was a total ___ of time, because the presenter was unorganized and unprepared.
17. Don't get ___ with your kids if they don't behave properly--it's your fault.
19. He asked his supervisor if he could take personal ___ on Thursday to attend his son's graduation ceremony.