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1. She said that she never French ___es on the first date, unless the guy is really cute.
4. The radio commercial said that the ___s under your eyes will disappear in weeks if you use ___-Be-Gone cream.
6. ___ comes only once a year, but retailers make it last five weeks long. (Not counting the after-___ sales. which add another week.)
8. The man ___d to smoke even after doctors removed one of his lungs.
10. Our bodies absorb some of the ___ in our ___ utensils and in our food and beverage containers.
13. Joe Biden said that FDR gave a __ speech to the nation in 1929. (There was only radio, and FDR wasn't president until 1933.)
14. If Obama is elected in November 2008, he will be the first black man in the ___ House.
15. ___ Chavez, the president of Venezuela, hates George W. Bush. (As do the leaders of several other countries.)
16. After getting their bachelor's ___, many students continue in school until they get their master's ___.


1. He pulled out the refrigerator for the first time in 5 years and scrubbed the dark square of brown crud off the ___ floor.
2. If your credit card ___ is late, the company will penalize you with a late charge. (But if you promise to never be late again, they might cancel the charge.)
3. The storm ___d just about the time that Fritz the weatherman predicted it would. (But it didn't leave when he said it would.)
5. ___ is important before painting--you must remove wallpaper, clean and scrape where necessary, and remove or cover items that you don't want to get paint on.
7. One of the difficulties of planning a wedding is deciding whom to ___. (And who sits next to whom.)
9. It's okay if people ___ with you, but not if they ___ at you. (What's so funny?)
11. ___ dinner they had a delicious dessert.
12. Alcohol ___s your driving judgment--you think you can beat that train across the tracks. (You'll lose.)