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1. The world is at your ___s when you go online.
4. I lie in bed every night; I will lie in bed tonight; I ___ in bed last night.
5. Because of a ___n tire, the private jet crashed on its takeoff from Columbia airport.
6. ___ lies on the grass every morning until the sun evaporates it.
7. Women put moisturizer on their ___ to help them stay young-looking.
8. If you walk quietly into a room behind someone, you might ___ them.
9. After riding the roller coaster six times in a row, they had to sit down on a bench for an hour because they were so ___. (Their heads were spinning.)
11. The cars ___ed by as he tried to change his tire in the emergency lane of the freeway.
13. The car ___ed along as if it had hiccups; it was probably a fuel flow problem.
14. "Oh, you're such a ___ in the butt," she told her younger sister. Then she apologized.
15. Sound makes the ___ vibrate; don't stick anything smaller than your finger in your ear, or you might puncture your ___.


1. The older you get, the more ___ your bones get. (So forget about gymnastics.)
2. Her parents cried ___ when they heard that she was one of the victims in the train crash.
3. A "___" is someone who predicts disasters (like the $700 billion bailout!) but is ignored.
10. Parents tell children that they will ___ themselves if they play too roughly. (Or damage the furniture.)
12. Bees store their ___ in a ___comb.