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 16          17          
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1. The ___ hid in a closet when the couple came home; then he escaped through a window.
3. The ___ Declaration of Independence is faded and hard to read. It is on display in Washington, DC.
5. The seat belt warning goes off ___ally in your car when you turn on the ignition.
6. He had been chewing tobacco for years; he opened the package and put a fresh ___ in his mouth.
10. He ___ed the rabbit ears on his TV so that he would get better reception.
13. Today it is "news" or "___ events," but tomorrow it is history.
15. Some ___ radio stations, such as KFI-AM, are 50% content, 15% news and traffic, and 35% ___s. Even PBS is going ___ because listeners don't contribute enough money.
16. The Republican audience wildly ___ed every other sentence out of Bush's mouth.
17. She ___ed something wrong, just from the tone of his voice.
19. Only a few states allow a condemned prisoner to choose the ___ chair as a form of execution.
20. The beta ___ of software often contains a lot of bugs; wait for later ___s, which work a lot better.
21. The thunder___ was so loud that both cats ran under the bed.
22. People enjoy being ___d in the movies, but they don't like it on a dark lonely street.


1. Your fuel gauge ___s how much gas you have left in your tank. (Don't wait until it gets to E!)
2. ___ Frisbee is a popular team game that uses a Wham-O plastic disc; the game is similar to football.
4. Life is an endless series of selecting ___s, discovering obstacles to the ___s, and finding solutions to the obstacles.
7. Some people buy all kinds of ___s that make their life easier or more entertaining.
8. Today people wouldn't buy a TV that didn't come with a ___ control, but years ago you had to GET UP to change the channel. (Ugh!)
9. The Special Olympics are for ___ped or disabled persons who want to compete in various sports.
11. Bait and ___ means advertising a great price on an item, but when you get to the store the item is "sold out." So they try to sell you something else at a more expensive price.
12. Many popular stores have "___" stores which are outside the city; these ___ sell store inventory at reduced prices.
14. Because stores nationwide are losing million of dollars in thefts, they have increased their use of ___ guards and ___ devices, including cameras.
17. James Bond received many ___s or gadgets from "Q" that would help 007 in an emergency.
18. The outfielder tried to catch the ball, but it was over his head and out of his ___. It was a home run!