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3. A: How's your car running? B: Very well--___ on wood.
6. He signed the ___ declaring that he was at Starbucks at the time that the murder occurred.
10. ___ Manning, famous football quarterback, is the father of Peyton and Eli, who are also famous football quarterbacks!
11. In "___ from Alcatraz," Clint Eastwood plays a convict who manages to dig his way out of prison.
12. The incompetent official got Bush's ___ of approval when Bush said, "You're doing a heck of a job."
14. Driving is a ___, not a right--although many people think it's a right, like freedom of speech.
16. She waited ___ for the test results from the lab--did she have cancer, or not?


1. A: Did George Washington really have ___ teeth? B: I ___ know. (That's a pun.)
2. At the ___ ___, you can buy stamps and apply for a passport.
4. "Well, I'll be ___ed," Bob said as he watched his putt spin out of the hole.
5. In TV's "Seinfeld," George's fiance died after licking wedding invitation ___s that had cheap glue on them.
7. Although ___ ___ stamps are a lot cheaper than gas, both products steadily increase in price.
8. The man has 300,000 books in his home, which means he has a lot of ___s.
9. The couple walking on the railroad tracks did not hear the train ___ in time.
13. "He hasn't missed a short putt the whole tournament," said the announcer. He ___ed the golfer, who promptly missed the putt.
15. ___ Hodges and Duke Snider were the home run hitters for the Brooklyn Dodgers.