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1. After the Berlin ___ fell in 1989, East Germany merged with West Germany.
4. Humans are moving into the territory of wild ___s, destroying their habitats.
6. A ___ is any particular group of animals that can mate and produce baby animals.
7. Searchers have ___ed the desert looking for the small plane that the adventurer disappeared in.
9. Hummingbirds ___ from flower to flower searching for fuel for their little bodies.
11. "Where the ___ Are." "___ will be ___." "Good old ___." "Separate the men from the ___."
13. In my ___, women should be allowed to choose whether they want an abortion or not.
14. The teenage girl's parents did not allow her to get an abortion when they found out she was ___.
15. The ___ is still out. They have a difficult criminal case to figure out.


2. The family immediately announced a ___ against MTA for the death of their daughter in the train wreck.
3. Passengers ___ when they saw that their passenger train was about to collide with the freight train.
5. The glue was supposed to last ___, but it lasted only temporarily.
6. In America, you can ___ anyone for anything they do or say to you. (But that doesn't mean you will win your case.)
8. British people ask for a " ___ of tea"; Americans don't even ask for tea.
9. "I ___ better than this, after all the things I've done for you," she said, sobbing.
10. Because Ozark is a small town, its free ___ contains only small animals, such as squirrels, raccoons, and a few snakes. (Oh, and one goat.)
12. People who work at the ___ society have a great love for animals.