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10    11          12     


3. A "___ to riches" story is about going from poverty to wealth. (Buy that lotto ticket.)
4. They closed the freeway on-___ and off-___ near Chatsworth to keep traffic away from the train wreck.
5. The ___er on the Metrolink passenger train failed to apply the emergency brake to his locomotive.
9. The ___ of the machine gun was so hot it could burn your fingers.
10. ___, the train engineer did not slow down at the yellow lights or stop at the red light.
12. "This ___'s for you!" is a famous slogan of Budweiser beer.
14. The driver put both of his dogs into the back of his ___ truck.
15. People cheered loudly and ___ly when Ted Kennedy walked up to the podium in the convention center.


1. It was a cold ___ that was 20 years old, but detectives went to work on it and found out who the real murderer was.
2. If you fool me ___, shame on you; if you fool me twice, shame on me.
3. Bertrand ___ was a British philosopher who also won a Nobel prize. He died in 1970.
6. George ___ was a popular TV comedian who called himself Lonesome George. He died in 1991.
7. Honda, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and BMW all make wonderful ___s. (Drive carefully!)
8. The internal ___ engine might not be replaced for another 100 years. (Say goodbye to clean air.)
11. Your place is a ___! If you don't clean it up, I'll never visit again.
13. The men ___ed as they lifted the engine and carried it over to the pickup.