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  13        14        


2. If you ___ that woman's name one more time, I will never talk to you again.
4. The ___ suggested that his client accept the settlement offer.
5. Electrons have a ___ charge; protons have a positive one.
6. Log ___ maple syrup was named in honor of President Lincoln (who was born in a log ___).
7. A tape ___ enables you to tear off a piece of tape cleanly.
11. The Better Business Bureau gets many ___s from customers.
13. The man had such ___ luck that when he finally won the lotto he couldn't find his winning ticket.
14. ___ is the country that joins Central America to South America; it is famous for its canal.
15. The Weathermen were a US group of domestic ___s who blew up buildings in the early 1970s.


1. She asked for a cash ___, but all they offered her was store credit.
3. When you join a social group or chat club online, you are ___d to follow its rules. (Or they will kick you out.)
8. He wanted to ___ from Verizon to Sprint, but both companies wanted to charge him for the ___.
9. Most ___ are born in fresh water, live in the ocean, and return to the same fresh water to die.
10. If you find a clean ___ in a clean public rest room, you are lucky twice in one day.
11. What is a ___ ship but a crowded, floating hotel that offers food and entertainment?
12. The ___ of the man who popularized surfing in California was stolen from Redondo Beach and sold as scrap metal.