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17          18          


3. The electrical storm created too much ___ on the radio; I couldn't understand the announcer.
6. The detective ___ed the information from the witness because she was a heavy drug user.
8. Just for fun, the boys were dropping bricks off the highway ___ onto the convertibles driving below.
10. The ___ had a wonderful life, taking pictures of the most beautiful models in the world.
11. Holding hands, the couple ___ed along the beach looking for seashells.
12. The thief made the mistake of trying to hide in the ___ toilet; the store clerk tipped the toilet over and called the police.
13. Two months after passing her immigration interview, Laura attended the swearing-in ___ in Los Angeles. She was now a citizen!
15. She ___ed down so that she could tie the little boy's shoelace.
17. The band ___ the bride's favorite song right after the preacher pronounced the couple husband and wife.
18. The average US ___ costs at least $14,000. (But a divorce will cost a lot more!)
19. The ___ pronounced the couple husband and wife, and told the husband he could now kiss the bride.


1. The ___ promised to stay with his bride for better or for worse and in sickness and in health.
2. The singer grabbed the ___ from the announcer and told the fans to sing along with her.
4. ___s and parrots have long lives; they both have beaks, but parrots don't have shells.
5. Everyone in the convention center stood up and ___ed when John McCain walked onto the stage.
7. If you enjoy a performance by a singer, you will probably ___ your hands.
9. The preacher ___d them husband and wife, and then got ready for the next wedding 30 minutes later.
14. She ___d slowly toward the phone, hoping the burglar wouldn't see her.
16. Every year there are about 1 million new ___s in the US. (And the same number of grooms.)
17. It is not true that human beings can trace their beginnings to ___ scum. (Well, maybe a few can.)