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1. With a good pair of ___, you can see the mountaintop more closely.
3. Most people don't like people who ___ about how great they (think they) are.
7. An anorexic woman can never be ___ enough.
9. She ___ed out the national anthem with enthusiasm.
10. The purpose of the Homeland Security agency is to ___ the nation against all threats.
11. If you water, fertilize, and mow your ___ properly, it will be beautiful. (Usually.)
13. How can you ___ my offer? I'm offering twice what your car is worth.
14. A ___ brush is effective in cleaning gunk off metal.


1. Red, white, and blue ___s descended from the ceiling at the end of the party.
2. A hurricane often causes a loss of ___ power.
4. An ___ is standard equipment in a plane or a helicopter, but not in a vehicle that stays on the ground.
5. They figured that their move to New York City would be a new ___ in their life together.
6. The cops said they fired because the suspect pointed a weapon at them, but no one found a ___ or even a knife.
8. The longest ___ begins with one step.
11. Could you please give me a ___ home? I don't want to wait for the bus in this rainstorm.
12. ___ Ellington was a famous American musician who died in 1974.