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21              22       


2. The participants wore ___ robes for the queen's inauguration.
5. The state ___ of New Hampshire is "Live Free or Die."
9. Sir, I would be most ___ if you would give me a dollar to buy a cup of coffee.
11. She was ___ because her 18-year-old son spent the whole summer playing video games on his computer.
13. In hard times, people learn to ___ on less income and less food.
14. The ___ Heart is an award given to US soldiers who are wounded in battle.
16. ___ president Bill Clinton tried to get his wife Hillary nominated as president in 2008.
18. You can't create a budget unless you know your income and your ___s.
19. Cows swish their tails at the bugs that are constantly ___ing them.
20. It is sometimes difficult for soldiers to adjust to civilian life after their ___ life ends.
21. Many people say that the federal ___ has gotten too big and too costly.
22. The doctor didn't notice the ___ to the victim's back until he turned him over.


1. Scooter Libby was suspected of blowing the ___ of Valerie Plame, an under___ CIA agent.
3. An army surgeon won the first Congressional ___ of Honor for his heroism in 1861.
4. There are about 300,000 "sailors" in the US ___.
6. Some people are eligible to ___ social security benefits when they turn 62.
7. Washington, D.C. is the home of the ___ government.
8. ___ and demand account for the price of many items.
10. Dogs are the only animals that are ___ to their owners. (Maybe parrots, too; but definitely not cats or fish.)
12. His PowerPoint ___ to the students concerning the dangers of unwashed produce was informative.
13. He peeled the orange and then ate it one ___ at a time.
15. The attractive woman was ___ dressed. Men were staring at her so much in the mall that their wives complained to security.
17. His retirement ___ did not include a cost of living increase, so each year he could afford less.