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  21           22        


3. The two Olympic ___rs ___d on the mat until the stronger ___r won the match.
5. The man was arrested at the Orange County ___ taking pictures of little girls eating cotton candy and enjoying the ___ rides.
6. The ___ of any juice or alcoholic beverage will be weakened by simply adding water.
7. To ___ great results, do you first have to imagine those great results?
8. She liked to take brisk walks with both hands ___ing freely.
9. All men are ___ before the law. (But if you're rich or famous, you're a little more "___.")
11. ___, she didn't like her new teacher. But by the third week, she decided that he was okay.
16. The government spokesman ___d to answer any questions about the program that had failed miserably.
18. The program was ___d after the first 12 months to see if it deserved further funding.
20. Sara would never date Bob: "He makes my ___ crawl."
21. The most competitive volleyball ___ for the US Olympic team was Brazil.
23. After 30 seconds had ___d, the Olympic diver was still standing on the end of the board. (Was he nervous?)
24. Her son spent all his weekly allowance in the ___ playing video games.
25. He ___ed his uncle's will because his cousin Nancy got 8 times as much as he did.


1. Because the young man had little ___ ability, he decided not to work on cars.
2. Her sense of ___ made her reluctant to apply for unemployment benefits.
4. A ___ (or sleigh) is a vehicle with runners instead of wheels. Used in snowy weather, it is pulled by dogs or reindeer.
10. Carpenters use a ___ to make sure that everything is 100% horizontal or vertical.
12. Thomas Alva Edison (light bulb, phonograph) was one of the greatest ___s of all time.
13. He kept filling up the balloon with water until it eventually ___, spilling water everywhere.
14. Because of financial problems, he ___d his business out of his garage.
15. If a little boy has a ___ in his hands, everything he sees looks like a nail waiting to be pounded. (Keep ___s away from boys!)
17. The man felt ___ after the "woman" he had just asked out told him she was only 16 years old.
19. The police try to ___ crime with education and community involvement programs.
22. An irresponsible person's first response to a problem: "Don't blame me. It's not my ___."