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1. The baby started ___ing when his sister took the pacifier out of his mouth.
3. The spectators ___ed when Tiger's putt stopped just short of going into the hole.
5. It's so easy nowadays to take ___s with a digital camera and then upload them to your computer.
6. Warner Brothers Studios created Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and Daffy Duck, some of the world's funniest ___ characters.
7. Mike was so ___ of Laura: she sold her businesses and, not speaking English, came to America so that her son could get a good education.
9. Thieves like to ___ ___ price tags in a dressing room and stuff the clothes in a bag or under their jackets.
10. The dog ___d the mailman for half a block before turning around and returning home.
12. Digital ___s cost as little as $50, including the software for uploading, enhancing, and emailing your photos.
13. What is more exciting or crowd-pleasing than the ___ performed by a great ___ian? (How did he do that?)
14. When his 16-year-old daughter asked if she could go to a party with her friends, her dad ___ said yes. (Be home by 11 pm!)


2. On most running tracks, if you run one ___, you've run 400 meters.
3. The referee lay motionless on the ___ after he was shot by an angry fan at the soccer game.
4. It was a ___ party; everyone had to wear an outfit from the hippie '60s.
6. The lead ___ in the movie "Forrest Gump" is played by Tom Hanks.
8. A. ___, let's have our ___moon in Hawaii the day after our wedding, okay, ___? B. No problem, ___.
11. People argue that ___ fashion models are causing normal kids to think they're too fat.