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1. Thank you so much. Without your ___, I never could have finished this report.
3. Because the oil well was not ___, they shut it down.
4. You should always pack ___ underwear and socks when you travel.
6. When you roll up the windows of your car, it gets nice and ___ inside.
7. A jury is must convict a suspect if there is no ___ doubt that he committed the crime.
9. The nurse's ___ found the patient throwing up in the bathroom.
10. Older patients often forget to take their daily ___. (Or else they take too much of it.)
12. Volunteers are vital to the success of many activities within a ___.
14. In the Army, you learn one thing very fast: never ___ for anything.
15. She could not ___ the suspect because he was wearing a ski mask and sunglasses.
16. A heavy fog ___ed the entire beach; it was cold and you couldn't see anything.
17. September 11, 2001 was an ___ day, to say the least.


2. ___ Day for the USA is July 4, a celebration of ___ from Great Britain.
5. Researchers are searching for ___ fuels, such as hydrogen and vegetable oil.
8. If you practice English every day, ___ you will master it. (Or at least you'll be pretty good at it.)
11. Because of all the facial bruises from his car wreck, even his own wife didn't ___ him.
13. No nation can last ___, although China has existed for 5,000 years.