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1. ___ is the middle of the work week for most Americans. (Also called Hump Day.)
5. Being ___, Bob and Sara took an apple pie and a bottle of wine to the couple who had just moved in next door.
9. There's nothing like a Fourth of July ___ to get a community to bond together and have a good time.
10. ___ Lloyd, famous for hanging off a clock high above a city street, was a famous silent film star.
11. If you have a problem, write your state or US ___; his staff will send you a form letter thanking you for writing. (And that will be that.)
13. ___, the Japanese corporation, is involved in all kinds of media and technology, from the Walkman to PlayStation to famous movies.
14. The little ___s that snug into our ears while we listen to music began as big old telephone earpieces 100 years ago.


2. A ___ of dynamite, while powerful, is much less powerful than a gallon of gasoline.
3. The ___ of July is without a doubt America's most festive and famous holiday.
4. You won't find a parade, concert, or county fair that doesn't have lots of ___ toilets.
5. ___ Cage is a well-known American movie actor who won an Oscar for the film "Leaving Las Vegas."
6. As a young boy, Tiger Woods was ___ in everything except golf.
7. More than 10,000 ___s are published annually in the US, but less than 500 (e.g., People, Time, Sports Illustrated) are popular.
8. The best ___s are the ones who love to fix cars AND love to help their customers.
11. TV and the Internet have not killed ___. There are thousands of ___ stations in the US alone.
12. Be careful when you ___ hands; some rude people like to "crush" instead of just ___.