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4. The Canadian engineers figured out a way to ___ the Volkswagen Beetle from the bridge.
5. Every year in Spain, people enjoy the thrill of letting bulls ___ at them in narrow streets. (Are they nuts?)
6. The Olympic pole vaulter ___ed her own world record with a new record of 16'6".
8. A. Why would you ___ me the simple pleasure of a piece of chocolate? B. Because it will make you fat!
9. You can often tell that a person is ___ of something because he doesn't look you in the eye.
11. Who is the most ___ person in the world? Hitler? Osama bin Laden? George W. Bush?
13. The ___ is the king of the beasts, but is becoming an endangered species.
14. When you sell your California house, you must ___ everything wrong with it--such as roof leaks and plumbing problems.
16. A law should be enforced ___--in California, tinted front windows are illegal, yet thousands of cars have them.
17. A champion male race horse will be put out to stud--its owner will charge other owners big money for ___ing purposes.
20. Johnnie Cochran ___ed with the jury to believe that football star OJ Simpson could never have committed a double murder.
22. The Sikh family was ___ed to learn that their dad had been shot to death at an Oxnard bank by a gang member.
23. The detectives interrogated the criminal and finally got an ___ of guilt from him.
24. Many of the best ___s in the world attended the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.


1. Where is the ___? Citizens are being killed every day, yet officials do not seem to care or notice.
2. Doctors recommend that dieters ___ their weight by one pound a week for long-lasting results.
3. Henry Ford's famous ___ T was first built in 1908 and cost about $850.
5. The criminal ___ed to the police that he had punched the armored truck guard and ran off with the bag of money.
7. ___ I offered you a million dollars to never eat meat again; would you agree to that offer?
10. The realtor asked the buyer to ___ and date the changes in the contract.
12. The ___ asked the judge to confine the defendant to jail without bail because he was a flight risk.
13. Probably the most famous person to ever play major ___ baseball was Babe Ruth.
15. ___s, still killed for their ivory tusks, often live as long as humans.
18. Many people think there is a conspiracy among the national ___, which report certain news events and totally ignore other events.
19. Famous people, especially pretty actresses, have to be aware that certain ___s can become deadly stalkers.
21. ___ is "home" for convicted murderers, but a better home would be the bottom of the ocean.