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2. ___ values have decreased, partly because banks have been approving home loans with no money down.
3. A picnic can be a fun time if there are no ___ing insects around, such as ants, mosquitoes, and flies.
6. If you're a bus rider, you depend on the buses to run ___.
8. In the women's 55kg freestyle wrestling ___ between Japan and China, Japan won the gold.
12. There is nothing more common than wasted ___. Use your talents.
13. I had to ___ ___ ___ that yapping dog for 2 years; I'm glad it's dead.
14. Many ___ men got that way by being cheap and stingy.
15. Men adore ___ women; women adore powerful men.


1. ___ people think of suicide occasionally because they don't have any friends. (They should get a pet!)
2. ___s tell home buyers that a home can be a profitable investment over time; it is not an instant moneymaker.
4. The king ___ed that his son would take over the kingdom at the end of the year.
5. The lawyer told his ___ that the settlement would be 60-40. The ___ asked, "Who gets the 60?" The lawyer replied, "Well, you do, if you want it."
7. There is ___ no way that Michael Phelps touched the wall before the Serbian swimmer. Everyone saw that the Serb touched first!
9. "I had no drugs or alcohol ___," the driver told the officer. "I was texting my wife."
10. Your personal ___ includes your car, clothes, computer, and books. (And your house, if you're lucky enough to own one.)
11. You ___ me when you talk about our money problems. Can't we talk about something more cheerful?
12. The flight attendant ___ waited for all the passengers to get off the plane. She smiled and said goodbye to each of them.