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13   14                15   
 16           17        


2. Old ___ is the name of a geyser in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, that erupts about 16 times every day.
5. Richard M. Nixon is famous for helping to make marijuana a Schedule I drug and for being the first president to ___.
6. People who marry each other based solely on physical attractiveness will probably end up getting ___d.
9. If you ___ all your sins to the priest and then get run over by a truck, will you go straight to heaven?
10. The ___ and the kitten grew up together and remained best friends as dog and cat.
11. If you eat lots of fiber, you will use the bathroom ___.
13. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't ___ that this seat was taken.
16. Released in 2000, The Beatles' album "1" ___s almost all of their number one hits.
17. If you do a ___ 8 on the skating rink for too long, you might get dizzy.
19. ___ Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts has been in the US Senate for more than 45 years.
20. I know that you bite your nails and hate to exercise, but I love you despite your ___s.


1. In November 2008, will voters ___ John McCain or Barack Obama as their next president?
3. President Bush ___d that he was postponing his 2-week vacation in order to deal with the crisis in Georgia.
4. The seven deadly ___s include lust, greed, envy, and pride.
7. The woman in the elevator removed her wig to ___ a head that was bald from chemotherapy.
8. Pampers and Huggies are two popular brands of ___s for babies.
11. Tums is a popular brand of medication that people take to ___ heartburn.
12. Most theater and concert tickets contain the phrase, "___ One."
14. Lonely men often look through the yellow pages to find a woman from an ___ service.
15. What percentage of men ___ on their wives? What percentage of women ___ on their husbands?
18. Vladimir Putin ___ed that Georgia deserved the invasion because Georgia attacked Russian citizens.