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1. He thought he had told a great joke, but no one in the audience even ___d.
3. Rattlesnakes have ___ teeth and a ___ sense of smell.
5. Some arrogant young men like to ___ about all the girlfriends they have had.
7. Amelia Earhart was a famous aviator and ___.
11. "___baggers" was the name for northerners who tried to take over the South after the Civil War.
13. When the ___ went to use the bathroom, the co___ saw his chance to crash the jetliner into the Atlantic.
15. Do not believe those who try to ___.
16. All the original ___s in Google are happy millionaires.
17. "Mr. Rogers' ___" was a popular TV show for kids on PBS for 30 years.


2. If you live in the lap of ___, you have a very nice life (filet mignon, caviar, mansions, and private planes).
4. Texas Holdem and Five Card Draw are the names of two popular ___ games.
6. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are two places to go if you like to ___ with dice or cards.
8. ___s are the biggest cats; they are bigger than lions.
9. He vacationed in Hawaii. ___, unknown to him, his boss was planning to fire him.
10. Bellagio is the Las Vegas hotel and ___ with the sparkling fountains and the 5-diamond award from AAA.
12. When you play five card draw, you ___ the cards that you don't want to use.
14. ___ Howard Hughes was a world-famous movie producer and director, playboy, pilot, and billionaire.