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2. The hose stretched across the busy sidewalk was an ___ waiting to happen.
4. If you're suffering from a lot of ___ thinking, you should read Dale Carnegie's famous book, "How To Win Friends and Influence People."
7. The Sierra Madre cop said that the tint on the front windows of the car was a ___ of California law.
9. If you want to be a Los Angeles ___, you can go to or call 1-877-ASK-LAPD.
10. There is a big difference between a puppy ___ging its tail and a rattlesnake "___ging" its tail.
11. The accident didn't do any ___ to the car, but it ___d the wooden fence.
12. The traffic cop ___ed at the impatient pedestrian to stand on the sidewalk until the light changed.
15. Bill Gates ___ed to get his degree from Harvard. Yes, he was a college dropout!
16. If you play baseball, football, or soccer, you learn how to ___ safely on the ground.


1. Los Angeles is surrounded by ___s--the 5, 405, 605, 10, 60, 210, 710, 101, 105, and the 110, which was the first California ___.
3. Dale Carnegie recommends that you don't ___ others, condemn others, or complain about others.
5. When the divorced woman ___ped ___ her son at his father's house, the boy's dad shot her in the face.
6. The ___ delivered from China by UPS was somehow dropped off at an address that didn't even exist.
8. A piano usually has three foot ___s; a bicycle has two.
13. The murderer got a ___ sentence because the state did not have a death penalty.
14. The first rock and ___ records appeared in the 1950s; the music has been popular ever since.