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1. The Great ___ is a mostly level area between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.
3. If you live in the midwest plains, you can expect dangerous ___es every spring. (Head for the basement!)
6. The four ___s hopped out of the still-moving stolen car and dashed off in four different directions.
8. There's no ___ing ___ some people's tastes. (One man's trash is another man's treasure.)
10. In many developing countries, poor people wander through landfills and ___s looking for food or valuables.
12. The cardboard box was smashed on one end, but there was no ___ to the contents.
14. The detectives have to ___ every crime so that they can provide evidence for the prosecutor.
15. A "___ slope" is a phrase used by someone who argues that things will only get worse. (Don't let someone get their foot in the door.)
16. The four US cycling athletes got off the plane in Beijing wearing black protective breathing ___s. (They later apologized.)


1. Rising fuel prices are causing many restaurants to decrease the size of the ___s of food that they serve to patrons.
2. No matter how you ___d it, the politician's speech was nothing but baloney. (As usual.)
4. The helicopter carrying 9 firefighters crashed in the heavy smoke; 8 died, but 4 survivors were eventually ___d.
5. The train containing dangerous chemicals ___ed next to a small town, which police evacuated.
7. Your health provider will pay for the cost of an ___ ride to the hospital, if the provider thinks the ride was necessary.
9. If your child is handicapped, contact your state's ___ of Special Education for Students with Disabilities.
11. Single people who are ___ active should always use protection and get checked for STDs (___ Transmitted Diseases).
13. Colors are usually labeled as light, ___, and dark (as in light blue, ___ blue, and dark blue).