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3. "If you marry me, I promise to take care of you forever," Bob ___ told Sara. She scoffed.
4. The man was taking a ___ through the woods when he said he saw 3 mountain lion cubs.
5. Some kids use a magnifying ___ to set leaves on fire on a sunny day. (That's a stupid thing to do.)
8. The TV golf ___ said, "Tiger will make this putt to win the tournament."
9. Nowadays, you don't have to ___ taking your book back to the library to renew it; you can simply renew it over the phone.
11. He said he'd be at the office as soon as he ___bed a doughnut and a cup of coffee.
15. The kitchen ___ is where the toaster and the microwave usually sit.
16. He wouldn't tell me exactly how much, but I heard that he paid a ___ for his new house.
17. What if someone invented a drug that made ___s obey the law? (Would ___s voluntarily take it?)


1. First, you become a citizen. Then, you ___ to vote. Finally, you vote. (Try not to vote for a politician.)
2. It took Michelangelo about 4 years to paint the ___ of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.
4. A magician will roll up his ___s to prove that he is not hiding anything.
6. At the end of a poker game, players will ___ in their chips.
7. The TV reporter gave a ___ of the criminal: "White T-shirt, blue jeans, shaved head, moustache, sneakers, 5'11", 170 pounds." (Everything except race!)
10. The bank ___ was nicknamed "Mr. Yellow Cap" by the FBI because he always wore a yellow cap.
12. Since gas prices went up to $4 a gallon, waiters and waitresses have noticed that the size of their ___s has gone down.
13. Last year, the US DEA ___ed a new campaign against drug use and abuse. Like previous campaigns, it failed.
14. "Please don't make a ___," the husband told his drunk wife, who wanted to dance on the table.