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1. If you are a store owner, a ___ is a good place to keep your extra merchandise.
3. It's good to have a friend or a good ___ to do things and go places with.
5. Rabbits ___ on food. They don't take big mouthfuls like little kids do.
7. Many people like to eat tomato, ___, and mayonaisse with their hamburger.
8. They say that there are at least 40,000 ___ members in the city of Los Angeles. (God help us all.)
10. In Los Angeles, how many dead bodies are found dumped into ___s every year?
13. Paris Hilton made a ___ containing some funny remarks about McCain and Obama and put it on YouTube.
14. The criminal ___ed the old lady, broke her jaw, and then stole her purse.
15. The ___ ___ area in Los Angeles is near the Los Angeles Times newspaper building.


2. People who live in Skid Row ___ on the sidewalks because there are no public rest rooms.
4. The body in the woods had ___d because it had been there for months.
6. If a man is rude to a woman, he might expect her to ___ him in the face.
9. The ___ of the Democratic party is "more taxes and more government."
11. The ___ who worked for the presidential candidate had a young infant, but she said it wasn't his. (So did he.)
12. If you're going to kill Dracula or the werewolf, you will need a ___ bullet.
13. With gas costing $4 a gallon, many people are parking their ___s instead of driving them.