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1. In a criminal trial, the ___ tries to convince the jury to convict the alleged criminal.
4. Some criminal cases include a mandatory ___; for example, a physician and an attorney recently received 5 years in prison for conspiring to grow and distribute marijuana.
5. A criminal court jury finds the defendant either ___ or not ___.
6. Cancer is usually treated with ___, chemotherapy, and radiation.
7. Will there ever be an end to ___ discrimination? Probably not until everyone's skin is exactly the same color.
9. "Don't reach for your wallets," the boss said at the restaurant. "This meal is my ___."
11. At Kobbe Beach in the Canal Zone, there used to be a wooden shark fence in the water to ___ the swimmers.
13. Typists frequently end up with carpal tunnel syndrome in one or both ___s.
15. Monkeys love to ___ from tree to tree in their jungle homes.
16. People don't like to get ___ed, unless it's a card ___ or a magic ___.
17. ___ Judy, a popular TV ___, immediately left the courtroom when a 5.4 earthquake shook the building.
18. There is ___, aggravated ___, and ___ and battery. All of them are crimes.
19. If you play hockey, you know how to hit a wrist shot, a snap shot, and a ___ shot.


2. If someone has a "___ moment," they forgot what they were going to say or forgot where they were about to go.
3. The man couldn't ___ cigarette smoke, so he got up and left the Starbucks outdoor area when the woman lit her cigarette.
4. Sometimes, when you try to unscrew a burned-out light bulb, the glass breaks and the base remains in the ___.
6. Someone who is sleepy, or who has been drinking or is on drugs, might ___ their words.
8. ___, celebrated on October 31, is a time for costumes and free candy.
10. The September 11, 2001 ___ on the Twin Towers was a surprise and a shock to Americans.
12. A ___ is a hoodlum. Robert Mitchum and Lon Chaney played ___s in various movies.
14. Gang members will intimidate a ___ so that he won't report what he saw to the police.
16. A criminal or civil ___ might last a day or a month.
17. If you play Monopoly, you are happy to get a "Get Out Of ___ Free" card. (Unless you're not in ___.)