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1. The referee blew his ___ when he saw the player commit a foul.
5. Homeowners use automatic ___rs to water the lawn in the morning or evening.
6. Baseball players wear ___ to catch the ball, although sometimes they catch a ball bare-handed.
9. "I've got a frog in my ___" means that you have a temporary vocal obstruction or a cough.
11. Aspirin, Tylenol, or Excedrin usually provide ___ from a headache.
13. The west coast of the Americas and the east coast of Asian countries comprise the Pacific ___.
15. The bigger the ___ that an Olympic diver makes upon entering the water, the lower his score.
17. Super ___ XLII (42) between the New York Giants and New England Patriots was an exciting game. (The Giants won, 17-14.)
18. In poker, a ___ beats a straight, but a full house beats a ___. (And a good bluff beats everything.)
21. ___s such as Ajax and Comet contain bleach to help remove tough stains in sinks and tubs.
22. Children run into the living room on Christmas Day to see what presents are ___ the tree.
23. Doctors ___ their hands before surgery.
24. Toilets and showers often have ___ bars for the elderly and handicapped to hold onto.
25. Unbelievably, some frying pans have metal ___s which get hot when the pans get hot.


2. If you don't want your hair to get wet, you should wear a ___ cap when you take a ___.
3. When a huge ___ hole opened up on the 110 freeway that connects Pasadena to Los Angeles, northbound traffic was detoured.
4. Little boys tend to wipe their noses on their arms or their ___s.
7. One speeding ticket was the only ___ on his 20-year driving record.
8. If you have time, why don't you ___ ___ my place after lunch?
10. If you're fishing at Big Bear Lake and nature calls, there are plenty of portable ___s in the parking lots. (Don't use the lake!)
12. She ___ with dismay when she saw that her registration date was a week later than her classmates' date.
14. ___ are important eye protection when you're using machinery or painting the ceiling.
16. Movie and TV stars quickly become ___ names in the homes of families that enjoy their shows.
19. Some people don't know that the ___ in vehicle and bicycle tires, among many other things, comes from trees.
20. ___ crimes include crimes committed against persons of a particular race, religion, or sexual preference (gay people, usually).
21. A ___ is something you do around the house, like mowing the lawn, washing the car, or doing the laundry.