354. Impolite to His Brother

Gap-fill exercise

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“Why were you so rude to your brother?” asked. “He drove all the way over here deliver that package to you. But you didn’t him inside your apartment. You didn’t offer him to drink or eat. Then, when he was to me, you kept telling him to speak . He was speaking slowly because he knows my isn’t that good—he was just being polite. Finally, he and I sat down in the living , you just went to your computer and started away.”

William tried to explain to Gladys that she saw between him and his brother was normal interaction. Roland was simply delivering a package; was nothing for the two of them to about. Further, Roland felt that William's apartment had odor; he usually didn’t even come inside the when he visited. In addition, Roland was very about what he drank and ate—he wasn’t interested eating William’s “junk food.”

Finally, William argued, he told Roland many times not to “talk down” Gladys. “He talks to you like you’re a -year-old,” William said.

She said she didn’t mind; Roland just trying to communicate. She just wished that would be more polite to him. “When my visits me,” she said, “I hug her, I her inside, we eat and drink and talk, we just have a good time with each .”

Well, William told her, he and his brother different. “No,” she corrected him, “maybe you and are different.”