343. New Law for Taco Trucks

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Taco trucks cannot remain parked in the same for more than an hour, according to a Los Angeles city law. They cannot return to location for three hours. In the past, they not remain parked in the same location for than two hours. Restaurant owners complain that the trucks are stealing their customers, “because taco truck is faster and cheaper. Plus, they don’t have pay taxes or get health inspections.”

Lawyer Phil says the time limit is unenforceable. “The two-hour was never enforced by the city, so what’s point of changing it to one hour?” he . “The city has more important things to do ticket these hard workers. What about all the , the graffiti, the homeless, and the gangs? LA almost $400 million in debt. The mayor has said he’s going to lay off 767 city . There won’t be anyone left to enforce the parking law. There are thousands of taco trucks this city.”

The penalty for the first violation the new law is $100; the second violation result in a maximum $1,000 fine and six in jail. One angry truck owner said, “This a racist law. All of us taco truck are Latinos. Our trucks are an important part the history and culture of Los Angeles. Thirty us have already agreed to park our trucks the same spot all day long. If a is illegal, it is our duty as good to ignore it.” City residents who want to taco trucks can visit saveourtacotrucks.org.