342. Don’t Take My Property

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“Eminent domain” is the power of the government take private property and use it for the good. Government officials simply notify a property owner they want his property and offer him a price. The owner can accept or reject that . If he thinks the offer is too low, can go to court. In court, a jury decide the fair price, which the government must .

Usually, the owner cannot prevent the government from his land for public use, which includes roads, , government buildings, and economic development. However, the US Court recently expanded the meaning of “economic development” include the construction of shopping centers, amusement parks, even car washes. Property owners nationwide are now greater risk of losing their property for the “” good instead of the “public” good. They will their land converted to Burger Kings and Chevy instead of post offices and parks.

Just last , the Ozark city council demanded that Johnny Miller all his land to the city.

“It isn’t ,” said Miller. “My family has owned this property four generations. We grow crops and raise cattle. ’re active in Ozark’s social clubs and civic groups. the council wants to kick us out so Walt Disney can build a new theme park . I’m not selling. I’m going to fight this--since is a mouse more important than an American ?”