329. The Cluster Balloonist

Gap-fill exercise

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Cluster balloonists tie a bunch of helium balloons a lawn chair, sit in the chair, cut anchor rope, and go flying into the wild yonder. To land, they cut some of the attaching the balloons to the chair. A small of daredevils has been enjoying this sport for than 30 years.

They usually take a radio communicate with people on the ground, a GPS so they can be located, a parachute, and of sand or water that they throw overboard go higher. “It’s fun, but it’s not for ,” said Glenn Ford. “You have to dress warmly higher altitudes. You should always take a life and wear a helmet. And you need to food and water for emergencies.” Balloonists often soar to 6,000 feet, and many have soared to ,000 feet or higher.

A popular priest in Brazil to try cluster ballooning. Reporters from newspapers and stations interviewed and photographed him before take-off. He and waved at everyone as his chair started . “I’ll see you at one o’clock,” he yelled everyone on the ground. It was 11 a.m.

weather, however, took a sudden turn for the . People could see the wind driving the balloonist the Atlantic. The bright balloons disappeared into the clouds. The next day, a pilot in a -engine plane saw some balloons floating 10 miles out sea. There was no sign of the priest. “ is unbelievable,” said his best friend. “He was expert sky diver. He had a life preserver, inflatable life raft, and a GPS device. And, was a priest!”