327. The Dead Pedestrian

Gap-fill exercise

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She was 31 years old, a seamstress and mother of two children. Her husband is a . On a sunny morning, Vicky was walking to . While in the crosswalk at Wilshire and Hamilton Koreatown, Vicky was run over by a yellow bus. An eyewitness said that the driver was and talking on his cell phone. The bus empty. Instead of stopping, the driver continued driving if nothing had happened.

“How could he just away?” said the witness. “I ran over there help the woman. She was quiet and still. was a little blood under her nose. I she was just unconscious. The paramedics arrived; they to revive her, but then they just covered body with a sheet. One of them said she probably died instantly.”

Police had to notify ’s husband. He and Vicky had been in love they were 16. His parents are dead; Vicky’s live in her home country. He is now his wife and his best friend. Their tenth was only a week away. Their plans for house and a future were now finished. After with his own grief, he had to somehow the terrible news to their two children.

The found the bus parked a few blocks from accident scene. The driver was gone. He had transporting people to the annual Earth Day festival Koreatown. About 30,000 people usually attend this event. police spokesman said that the driver would be with murder. “If we could charge him with ‘ a happy family,’ we’d do that, too,” the said.