318. The Bargain CD Set (1)

Gap-fill exercise

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“I want some new love songs,” Gita complained Sidney. “I’m tired of listening to the same ones.” Sidney suggested that they go to WhereHouse, popular music store that sold new and used at great prices. So they drove to the on Huntington Ave.

Once inside the store, Sidney the clerk where the Greatest Hits section was. pointed it out to him. Sidney and Gita to that section and started looking. There was tiny section entitled “Love Songs.” It contained only CD sets. One was called “Love Songs of ‘50s.” It contained original hits by original artists, as Frank Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney. “This is ,” Sidney told Gita. “There are 36 songs, and of them are classics.”

Then Sidney looked at other CD set. It was entitled “Sixty of World’s Favorite Love Songs.” While the first set 36 songs and cost $16.99, this set contained songs and cost only $11.99. “Boy, this is good deal,” Sidney told Gita. Knowing that a deal wasn’t always a good deal, Sidney read small print on the side of the package: “ album contains some tracks that are re-recorded. All artist tracks are performed by the original artist. featuring groups were re-recorded using as many of original group members as possible.”