293. Rich Man Invites Poor Student to Dinner

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Jodie liked her apartment. She had a beautiful to the south. A nearby tree was home two squirrels. She liked to watch them. So her cat. Mrs. Neely owned the apartment building. was an old lady who spoke with a Norwegian accent.

Jodie and Mrs. Neely got along well. Mrs. Neely said that Jodie reminded her her daughter, who had died in a car years ago. Mrs. Neely was a widow. She busy by volunteering at the local library and center. An excellent baker, she often brought bread pastries to Jodie.

“You’re trying to make me ,” laughed Jodie one day. “How will I ever a boyfriend?”

“I still can’t believe that Prince hasn’t found you,” said Mrs. Neely. “Maybe you’re too pretty and too smart for the young around here.”

Jodie was going to graduate school night. She had a day job as a ’s assistant in the fourth grade. She loved teaching . The principal had already told her that a -time teaching job was hers after she got her 's degree.

“Aren’t there any nice boys in your classes, Jodie?” Mrs. Neely asked.

“There are some,” Jodie. “But they’re either married, or have a , or are too focused on getting their degree. don’t forget, I have to concentrate on graduating, I really shouldn’t be dating anyway.”

“Well, that’s a shame,” said Mrs. Neely. “You’re too pretty be alone. But don’t worry. You keep doing homework, and I’ll be on the lookout for .” She winked at Jodie. Jodie smiled. She loved . Neely.

Mrs. Neely died not long after that . She had a stroke while mixing some batter cookies. An ambulance took her to the hospital, she died a day later.

Her son Ned Mrs. Neely’s sole heir. Ned had been married divorced three times. None of his wives had nice to say about him. Ned didn’t care. was looking for Wife Number Four.

Ned introduced to Jodie right after Mrs. Neely’s funeral on . He knew about Jodie because Mrs. Neely had him about her. Ned said he was afraid he might have to double her rent. Also, pets were allowed in the building. “You’ll have take your cat to the pound,” he said.

that case,” she said, “I’m moving out.”

“I joking, of course. You’re very pretty,” said Ned.

you,” said Jodie.

“Come to dinner with me Chez Maison tonight and we can discuss your and your cat.” Ned had an air of that Jodie found mildly attractive.

“That might be ,” she found herself saying. Ned told her he pick her up at 8 and left. Jodie if she was doing the right thing. She ’t even know this guy. Oh well, she thought, would be nice to eat at a fancy for a change.

She picked up some cat on her way home.