272. Beautiful Teacher Smiles, then Walks Away

Gap-fill exercise

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The annual teachers’ meeting was the only time all the teachers got together in one place one time. It was a 3-hour meeting, from to 10 p.m. Lecturers talked on various subjects. talk was followed by a question and answer . It was an informal, pleasant evening.
The evening began with a delicious dinner catered by a restaurant. This year’s host was a Middle Eastern . Teachers piled as much as they wanted on paper plates and found a seat outdoors or the auditorium. Most teachers really seemed to appreciate food.
For Shane, this evening was his opportunity check out the female teachers. This year, a walked into the auditorium about 10 minutes late. sat in the row in front of Shane, two seats away. Shane couldn’t believe it. She not only the best-looking woman in the auditorium, she smiled at him before she sat down. was tall and had long red hair. She wearing a sexy black cocktail dress.
Shane could focus on the meeting anymore. He looked at lecturers less than he looked at the redhead. was enveloped in her perfume. She took notes -handed. She ran her fingers through her hair. She and uncrossed her legs. Shane was going crazy. , there was no ring on her left hand.
meeting ended. The dean thanked everyone for attending. applauded the presenters. The redhead stood up. Shane up. She smiled at him, and then walked . Shane walked out. She went to the restroom. waited. When she came out, he walked up her.
“Hi,” he smiled. “My name’s Shane. I wondering if you have time for a cup coffee. I was hoping we could share some our teaching experiences.”
She smiled. “Why, thank you. ’s sweet of you. I appreciate your offer, but ’ve got to get home. My husband is babysitting , and I’m sure he’s pretty tired. Maybe another ?” She smiled, and walked away.