248. Pier Collapses

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The Oakville pier collapsed Saturday afternoon at 3:30. hundreds of people were on the pier at time of the collapse, no one was killed only 15 people were injured. One person was injured. That person was a 43-year-old man who two broken legs, eight broken ribs, and a lung.
Hundreds of people gathered around to watch rescue efforts. Three local television stations and two stations broadcast live from the pier. The collapse after a big rig went out of control morning and slammed into one of the main for the pier.
For public safety reasons, a council member wanted to close the pier immediately. , local businesses on the pier and nearby protested. officials decided to wait until tomorrow before sending a structural engineer to investigate the damage.
“The reeked of booze,” said a police officer who written the truck driver a ticket for driving the influence. “He was so drunk that he 't even apply his brakes before he crashed into support. It's a miracle that he didn’t kill ,” said the officer, who took the driver to .
City officials said it was too early to a complete damage estimate, but that repairs to pier would probably cost at least $500,000 and a month or more. The local business people very unhappy because the repair process will significantly consumer purchases for the summer season.
“We make percent of our annual profits from June through ,” noted one T-shirt vendor. “This is going to .”