228. Cloning Pets

Gap-fill exercise

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A company in Phoenix, Arizona, says that it now clone your cat. “Actually,” said Felix Lee, of Twice Is Nice, Inc., “you don’t even to wait until your beloved cat dies. We have clients whose clone lives with its donor.”
price is steep. A clone of your cat cost $50,000. First, your veterinarian must do a of your cat. This is sent to TwIN, ., where it is cultured to grow fresh new . These new cells are stored in liquid nitrogen you notify TwIN, Inc., that you are ready the clone. At this time, you pay half amount ($25,000). A cultured cell is implanted into female cat that is in estrus, and if goes well, a kitten is born about 60 later. The new kitten is weaned in about weeks. TwIN, Inc. delivers the kitten to you it receives the remaining $25,000.
“We are a company,” said Lee. “Our facility can handle about dozen births a year now, but our goal to produce about 50 kittens and 50 puppies year.” The company is currently experimenting with stray . Some canine clones seem to be perfect, but have been bizarre. Nevertheless, Lee believes that they be successfully cloning dogs in about a year.