208. Food Fight Erupted in Prison

Gap-fill exercise

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Inmates released two correctional officers they had held a week in the tower at the state complex. The inmates captured the officers a week after the two officers tried to quell a fight in the main dining room. The food erupted when the prisoners discovered that their candy had been cut in half. The candy is popular bartering item. Inmates trade it for cigarettes, , magazines, stationery, legal dictionaries, and other items. Prison said it was necessary to cut back on luxury item in order to provide basic items, soap and razors and toilet paper.
The prisoners berserk over the reduction. They threw food, plates, silverware at the doors, windows, and guards. Then grabbed two guards and hauled them up to tower. Once they had the tower door secured, sent messages to prison officials demanding big bags candy in exchange for sparing the guards’ lives. warden complied with their demands. After a week negotiations, the prisoners approved a deal which restored candy ration, but in return the administration said would have to reduce daily soap allotments by percent.