206. Freeway Chase Ends at Newsstand

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A 24-year-old Los Angeles man was taken to hospital and then to county jail after leading on a one-hour freeway chase in a stolen . The chase ended in downtown Los Angeles in of the Spring Hotel. Most of the chase uneventful, except for an empty bottle of whiskey the driver threw at one police vehicle.
When driver got into downtown, things started to happen. ran over a fire hydrant. The water spewed of the hydrant, causing a geyser that ruined the books in several carts that a vendor put outside to attract customers into his bookstore. driver hurriedly turned west onto Grand Avenue and to bang into three parked cars on one of that street and two cars on the side. The driver also tried to run over police officer, who was standing in the crosswalk him to halt.
Turning north, the driver caused bus to slam on its brakes to avoid collision. The bus was empty, and the bus was uninjured. However, two police cars that were the SUV from different directions were not so . One of them ran into the front of bus, and the other into the back. Because drivers had braked early enough, the damage to cars was minor. Both officers resumed the chase.
only went two blocks north to find that SUV had come to a full stop because had plowed into a newspaper stand. The driver, was not wearing a seatbelt, was slumped behind steering wheel. The proprietor of the newsstand was at the driver and shaking a magazine at . The police called for the ambulance. They charged driver with failure to yield to a police and driving under the influence.