143. Tiger Kills Two Men (2)

Gap-fill exercise

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Only minutes later, another zoo visitor happened by. the two dead men, he called 911. By time police arrived, zoo officials were already scouring area with their dart guns. They had told police not to shoot the animal unless it a life or death situation. Not only did belong to an endangered species, but she was pregnant. Unfortunately, a police officer panicked when he the tiger only ten yards from him, and . It was a perfect shot.
The father of two brothers immediately hired a lawyer. The zoo probably have to offer him at least a dollars just to avoid a jury trial. The humane association also promised to sue the zoo not building a higher wall, which would have the animal in its pit and thus saved life. Zoo officials said that lawsuits might result closing the zoo permanently. City residents were divided their opinions about the event. “They both deserved die,” said one resident. “Boys shouldn’t lose their just for acting like boys,” said another.