127. The Wedding (1)

Gap-fill exercise

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It was a strange day—Thursday—for a wedding. Who heard of a Thursday wedding? “Well,” Harlan explained everyone, “the Thursday event is going to cost half of what Friday, Saturday, or Sunday would me. And a 50-percent discount is a lot money, believe me.” Everyone believed him. Harlan knew to count his pennies. The early evening event at Cowfish, a popular restaurant and meeting place campus.
Nevin and Janelle arrived at 5 p.m. pictures, but the photographer had been delayed on freeway because someone had jumped off an overpass. they decided to take a stroll on campus. westward, they soon found a fish pond. About dozen small turtles were swimming in the eastern of the pond. As Janelle kneeled at water’s , all the turtles swam toward her. A couple them climbed out of the water and onto footpath. They wanted food, but a sign advised not to feed the fish or turtles. So apologized to the turtles—not that she had any food anyway, she added. Nevin and Janelle took of themselves and the turtles.
They walked back Cowfish just before the ceremony was to begin. of the preacher’s words were unclear because of on the portable microphone. After the preacher pronounced and Ellen husband and wife, guests clapped and . The photographer, who had gotten “some great pictures” the fallen body, busily took pictures of the and groom, the preacher, the parents, and the .
After their meal, Nevin and Janelle said good to the newly married couple. This was the marriage for Harlan, so everyone was hoping it be his last. Then Nevin and Janelle walked to their car, holding hands and talking about would be the same and what would be at their own wedding. That is, if they ’t decide to just drive to Las Vegas for quick marriage, with Elvis performing at their ceremony. “ way, our only difficult decision will be to which song he will sing for us,” Janelle .