119. Man Flies 200 Miles in Lawn Chair (2)

Gap-fill exercise

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A few days later, Duke and Bo drove few miles out of town where there were electrical wires. They used fishing line to secure balloons to the lawn chair. The chair was to the truck. They filled up all the . The balloons were actually lifting the truck off ground a little. Bo put on his jacket, hands with Duke, and sat in the chair. tied a rope to his belt and the , in case he fell out of the chair. he had was a knife, an altimeter, his phone, a BB pistol, and a pair of . At 8 a.m., Duke took a picture of sitting in the lawn chair. Duke then cut rope holding the chair to the truck. The lifted Bo so fast he almost fell out the chair.
Bo got up to 15,000 feet, the air is thin. His heavy coat kept warm. The wind carried him eastward at an speed of 22 mph. He flew over the Range. When he got near the Ochoco Mountains, started shooting the balloons. He made a soft near Paulina, about 200 miles east of Roseburg. was waiting for him. When Bo got home that night, he tried to tell his wife about his journey. Still angry, she refused to to his story. She couldn’t believe that her could be so stupid. She told Bo to on the sofa. The next day, he told son about his interesting adventure. His son went school and bragged about his dad to all his schoolmates. Nobody believed him.