90. “Semper Buy”

Gap-fill exercise

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Semper Fi means Always Faithful. It’s the motto the Marine Corps, which is a segment of US Navy. The Marines do whatever the federal tells them to do, and the government always about how important the Marines are and how the government is. So when a former marine, Reid, recently applied for a Purple Heart for wound that he received while serving in the War more than 50 years ago, he expected problems. But a Navy official said that they no more Purple Hearts. If Reid wanted one, could buy it at a military supply store. “’re only $42,” said Arthur Chertoff. “It’s not exactly buying a new car.”

However, the 75-year-old Reid on a military pension that barely covers his . His daughter and son send him money for , transportation, and other expenses. “Well, then, let your pay for it,” Chertoff said when Reid told that he depended on his kids for living . So Reid asked his son for $42 for medal. His son got so upset about the of the Navy that he called the local .

The local newspaper printed a front page article how the Navy couldn’t be bothered to pay and present Reid his Purple Heart 50 years his injury. Network television news picked up the . The Navy, of course, was immediately embarrassed. Somehow, found the money and the time to buy his Purple Heart and even make a ceremonial .

“We are always eager and happy to show we take care of our own,” said the smiling Chertoff as he presented Reid the medal front of TV news cameras. “Thank you so for your service to your country.”