84. Death Is Part of Life

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"Happy birthday! This is your dad calling," Dad . Dad always identified himself, as if after 60 Joel didn't recognize his own dad's voice. "Well, 're getting pretty old, aren't you?" Dad asked.

"I am," Joel said. "In fact, I'm the same you were 20 years ago!"

"Yes, who'd ever that they wished they were 60 again," said dad. "This aging process is certainly no fun."

" can say that again," Joel said. But as say, it's a lot better than the alternative. long as you're reasonably healthy in mind and . They both agreed.

His dad and mom were quite active. They lived together in their house. both drove. They both played golf regularly and active volunteers in the community.

But, such independence not last forever. Both of them would eventually part-time or full-time nursing assistance at home, or even have to be moved into a nursing .

What a quiet end that will be, Joel , to such fun, productive, and eventful lives. Lying a bed in a nursing home, waiting for and friends to come visit. Waiting for the ’s aide to bring medication, dinner, or an extra . Waiting for help to use the bathroom.

Much that time spent waiting would also be spent thought. What do people think about when they their time is almost up, Joel wondered.