73. Priced to Sell!

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It can be a lonely, depressing job. Not the successful realtors, of course. Their job is glamorous. Some of them, the most successful, work wealthy people who live in, buy, and sell houses in beautiful neighborhoods. But for a new , life is hard.

A realtor has to pass comprehensive test, and then take continuing education credit annually. He (or she) has to join a company and attend meetings regularly. He has to hours on the computer researching the latest properties are being offered for sale. He has to "cold calls" to potential clients. These cold calls uncomfortable for the realtor and annoying to potential .

Once a realtor gets a client, he must the client from one property to another, patiently this and that while answering questions about these those. It’s always a contest between the seller to get as much as he can for house and the buyer trying to pay as as he can for the same house. Neither wants to give in. On top of it , the seller often lies, proclaiming that there are problems with his house—“No, sir, absolutely none whatsoever.”

realtor has to put up with the seller’s and the buyer’s cries of poverty, and in end he hears these same words from the : “I don’t know. Let me think about it."