52. Her First Driving Accident

Gap-fill exercise

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Colleen was in a hurry, which made her even more careless than usual. Her boyfriend Simon already criticized her many times for failing to completely at stop signs. That’s what they call “California, or rolling, stop,” he told her.

“If cops catch you sliding through a stop sign that,” he said, wagging a finger at her, “’ll give you a ticket for running a stop . That’s a moving violation. That means at least $100 ticket, plus eight hours of driving school another $30.”

“I know, I know,” she replied. “ I never do it when they’re around, so can they catch me?” Simon was about to her that cops have a habit of suddenly out of nowhere, but Colleen told him to thinking so negatively. “You are bad luck,” she . “When you talk like that, you make bad happen.” He told her that life doesn’t work way.

Colleen was in a hurry because she to drop off a package at the post . It had to get to New York by . She exited the freeway and pulled up at stop sign. One car was in front of . Colleen looked to the right and to the . No cars were coming. It was safe to out. She hit the gas pedal. Bang! The in front of her was still sitting there. driver was a young woman, who got out her car, walked back to look at the to her new car, and started yelling at .

“What were you waiting for?” Colleen demanded.