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This news report is sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue . There's some serious problems in Arkansas. High winds a tornado have sliced through portions of southern . People have been injured and some residents are unaccounted for. Emergency coordinator Bob Holly says rescue are on the case: "We had two ambulances out first, and then when they saw the , that's when they called in the troops." Homes businesses have been destroyed near a major highway Dumas. A massive winter storm is sweeping through Plains and upper Midwest. It's dumped more than foot of snow in northern Wisconsin. Seven people killed on slippery roads. And 100,000 customers have power in Iowa, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

Locally, police trying to find a man who sexually assaulted woman in Alhambra. She described the suspect as 5'11", medium build, wearing blue jeans, a black , black gloves, brown shoes, and a dark-colored ski covering his face. The woman was waiting for inside an apartment when the man entered through unlocked door. He had a gun, sexually assaulted , and then took her cell phone and left. woman is in a local hospital. If you seen this man, please call the Alhambra police.

, one person was killed when a high-speed train near London. The cause is being investigated.